Real Estate

Whereas there are unlimited funds available for real estate investments (the acquisition of cash-generating completed assets such as offices or shopping centres), the market for financing property development projects is far from efficient. Therein lies the opportunity, and the exit.

We are primarily interested in property development. We have been analyzing the market and working with some of the leading developers in the industry for a couple of years to determine the smartest approach in this space. We note with some interest the lack of real analysis by many developers, many of them Russian. Money is often being thrown at deals in a less than rational way. We think that the level of development investment into office space in Kiev will soon be too high and too fast and, by way of example, this would be a sector we would probably avoid. There are many less obvious and far more attractive niches to exploit.

We will be bringing a new concept to market in the coming months. We think investors will find it compelling.